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Benefits of Major Media PR For Your Practice or School

Being backed by trustworthy news sources will help your business growth by boosting its brand awareness.

In addition, customers having a positive image of your brand will ultimately help sales and bookings to increase too, and that can only be a good thing.

Positions Your As An Idustry Leader

Being featured in major media and having their logos on your website and social media can provide a unique touch and add value to your content that will help separate your company from your competitors in a positive way. With public relations, there is a dialogue and explanation given for why someone should trust your company or your opinion. This allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field as you’ll be able to demonstrate your knowledge, experience and skills to consumers on a trsuted platform.

Increases Credibility

Being seen as an honest and reliable professional in customers’ eyes is a great advantage. Public relations is an essential component for building a credible brand that can be trusted by consumers because it is driven by real opinions and reviews from the outside world. Since these messages do not come directly from your company, the stories that appear in the media and online are typically unbiased. This allows a more genuine dialogue with consumers, which can help your brand increase its credibility.

Free/Low Cost Option

Public relations is a cost-effective option for small, medium and large businesses. When implementing a PR campaign, you are continuously working on building trust and credibility for your business without a high monetary outlay. Public relations uses free media coverage to stimulate awareness and a demand for your company’s products. By doing so, you can develop a broader reach for your business. As PR focuses on gaining free editorial coverage instead of paying for advertisements, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. A few ways you can use PR in a cost-effective way include speaking engagements, influencer placements and thought leadership pieces.

Helps W/ SEO

SEO has become increasingly important as technology continues to progress across the world. Effective PR can boost your company’s online presence through being featured on a variety of popular websites and other media platforms. This can strengthen your SEO and help your business jump to the top of the search results page. Adjusting your brand's content for search engines increases visibility, which also increases the number of people exposed to your brand's PR messages. Public relations agencies are incredibly versed in ways to boost a company's SEO, so if need be, you can directly work with one — however, there are also a plethora of resources online about how to do it all on your own.

Major Media Has Huge Reach

Public relations is a great way to communicate with your target audience. It allows you to leverage the popularity of the internet and social media to communicate with a wider audience, often gaining attention internationally too. PR can be a great way for a company that wants to grow its brand awareness and the products or services it offers. When you take into consideration how in one PR campaign alone you could be on TV, radio, online news sites and in print media, it’s staggering to think about the millions of consumers you could potentially target all through crafting just one initial news story.

Some Of Our Featured Therapists

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