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We know that 3/4 of the UK Population with use Complementary Therapies at some point in their lives, yet most admit that they will not speak to their GP about their use of therapies in fear of judgment or being ‘told-off’.  Not only is this unhelpful, but it can also in some cases be dangerous. 

Find A Therapy was founded in 2022 with the aim of raising awareness and conversation about Complementary Therapies through National Campaigns.  Although the demand is already high for Complementary Therapies, demand will only be voiced if the stigma of talking about using CAM is broken, and only with strong awareness can the conversation open, and the stigma be broken.

Find A Therapy aims to become the go-to place for aiding the public in learning about complementary therapies as well as simplifying the task of being able to easily and safely find qualified professionals to work with.

On the reverse of that, Find A Therapy was also created with the aim of helping qualified therapists to fill their diaries and have a thriving career helping as many people as possible with their gifts.


Britt Spence

Find A Therapy Founder

  • 18 years of experience as a Complementary Therapist
  • 10 years of leading multi-national professional bodies
  • 6 Years multi-national Government ambassador for Complementary Therapies
  • 8 years of marketing, consulting and mentoring within the Complementary Therapy Industry
  • #1 Best Selling Author of ‘The Successful Therapist’ 

About Britt

Britt Spence is a Bodywork Therapist of over 18 years with successful practices in both the US and UK.  She is also the author of the 2013 #1 Best Seller ‘The Successful Therapist’ and the founder of the Thriving Therapist Toolkit and the Find-A-Therapy Directory. 

As former chair of the British Complementary Medicine Association and the Association of Physical & Natural Therapists, she spent 10 years as a Multi-National Government Ambassador for Complementary Medicine, meaning she has a thorough knowledge of the Industry on all levels, as well as a deep passion for Complementary Therapies

My Mission

To understand my mission, you must first understand what got me here… 

2012 Started my journey working with professional bodies when I was asked to join the Executive of the Association of Physical & Natural Therapists. 

2013 saw the start of my Marketing and Consulting career. I began by consulting for the British Fascia Symposium (now known as The Fascia Hub), where I was responsible for filling the initial event with delegates and Live Event Marketing.  

2014 I moved into mentoring Therapists and wrote my #1 Best Selling book ‘The Successful Therapist System’ – This later became an e-course and a marketing agency, where I consult and lead for the industry’s leading schools and educators.

2016 and 2017 I became Chair of both the Association of Physical & Natural Therapist and the British Complementary Medicine Association.  Both of which I chaired for 6 years and 1 year, respectively.  These roles saw me working with multi-national governments as an ambassador for Complementary Therapies in the UK as well as within Europe.  

2021 After being one of the main characters leading the Complementary Therapy industry through COVID lockdowns, I found myself considerably burnt out, and I stepped down from my Chair positions and took a break from the Industry.

It was during my 10 years working with Professional and Government Bodies that I really began to understand the issues around Complementary Therapies and their place within Medicine as well as society.  

Because of my position and connection in the world of CAM, I was still being regularly contacted by Industry heads, Hospitals, Celebrities, and Major Media seeking advice and looking for qualified Therapists.  This was when the message almost downloaded to me to create the Find-A-Therapy Directory.

Unlike my work within Professional Bodies, I have no aim or care to spend my time focusing on regulating or accrediting professionals – I will leave that to the Professional Bodies and Accredited Registers, which do indeed serve a very important role – See Professional Bodies Page for more info.

It is believed by most Professional Bodies that regulation will lead to respect from the medical community.  And this might be true; but, regulation only happens through injury, and any reputable insurance company will tell you that CAM injury is very low, and fatalities are virtually non-existent. 

So how do we get Complementary Therapies respected?  Public Demand.

As a prime example, I was a part of the Board for Yoga4NHS – in which we successfully integrated Yoga into the UK NHS HealthCare system. This was not due to regulation or accreditation, or even scientific quantitative research.  But instead, this was due to implementing Yoga inside hospitals for stress relief on NHS Staff.  There was then simplified qualitative data in the form of surveys asking if they felt Yoga had a positive effect.  This combined with Yoga’s growth in public popularity is what led to its implementation within NICE Guidelines. 

I firmly believe that creating an open dialogue about the public demand that is already there, is the answer to curing the stigma about Clients discussing their use of CAM with their Doctors, as well as seeing CAM being rightfully integrated into the Healthcare system as a way to prevent injury and illness, ease symptoms, and over time, reduce the burden on the government-funded healthcare system. 

How does Find A Therapy aim to achieve Public Demand and Open Dialogue?  Strategic Marketing

In my time working with Professional Bodies, I learned they all have 2 of the same things in common:

  1. They have no marketing skills or marketing budget; Not even government-backed organisations. 
  2. Their dialogue is internal to the industry/therapists.  Even with slogans such as ‘Protecting the Public’, the public doesn’t know that therapies are unregulated or that professional bodies or accredited registers even exist. 

This includes the individuals responsible for allocating therapists for hospital trials. WHen they call me, I learn that have no clue about accredited registers or the importance of utilising appropriately qualified professionals.

Considering we know that 3/4 of the UK Adult Population will use Complementary Therapies at some point in their lives – and that education for Complementary varies greatly, it is pretty crazy that the public doesn’t even know accredited registers and professional bodies exist when they want to find a therapist.  This is largely due to the fact that these bodies primary focus and function is internal, and not public facing. 

Find A Therapy is very different from Professional Bodies and Accredited Registers in that our Directory And Marketing Is Fully Aimed At Educating The Public About Complementary Therapies And How To Find Qualified Therapists.

Once we reach our minimum target goal of membership, we will begin a national media campaign.  This campaign is intended to make Find A Therapy (and Complementary Therapies, in return) a household name and discussion.

The public will be able to search for and discover new therapies, be treated by therapists, and rate their experience on the member’s profile.  Over time, the aim is to eliminate the stigma of Complementary Therapy use and lead to integration. 

Professional Bodies and Accredited Registers in the UK will still serve their respective role of Voluntary Regulation.

The longer-term goal is for Find A Therapy to be an International Directory.

"I have been very blessed with my life and career as a therapist and ambassador of complementary therapies, and I have a passion to make them safely accessible to all"


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